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Technology, precision and quality are the keys for successful implants

                Immediate loading



Immediate loading can be done if the indication and the surgical protocol are appropriately defined. 

In case of favorable situation (sufficient bone and gum)  your oral surgeon can place the implant, the abutment and an temporary crown.


This transitional period permits to smile, mastication and aid speak.


The obvious advantage of this procedure is that it avoids the patient to have a  removable denture (psychologically traumatic) and it reduces considerably the treatment period.


A detailed diagnosis based on a prosthetics study and a 3D Xray is recommended.

                 Bone and gum grafts

There are several types of bone and gum grafts (gingival grafts) related to tissue volume defects.

These grafts can take place before or during the surgical implants.

In an esthetic zone, these grafts are recommanded to obtain an optimum result.


In most cases the implants can be placed in the maxilla in spite of a small quantity of bone tissue. A bone graft with a sinus lift can be performed to augment the bone volume.

In some cases, the sinus has to be checked by an otorhinolaryngologist.


According to the indication, we will do our utmost to reduce the number of interventions by combining the bone grafts procedure and the implant placement. 

                Extraction, Implantation



It is quite feasible to place an implant if bone and gum structure are sufficient.


The tooth socket has to be carefully cleaned to avoid post operational infections.


Simultaneously, this process may involve bone grafting.

                 Immediate loading
                 Implant procedures

Immediate loading implant procedures requires a minimum amount of bone and the placed implant has to be in a position to resist a minimum of chewing force.


The implant should be perfectly stable; it should not exert great pressure on the bone.


If the implant will move more than 100 microns the implant might fail.


                Short dental implants &
                Narrow dental implants


These implants avoid the need for pre implant bone grafting while assuring a good long term stability of the prosthetics.


Several scientific studies have indicated that these implants are comparable to conventional implants.


                 Implant prothetics 



Implant prosthetics can be realized by an entirely new procedure exploiting digital technology which improves accuracy of fit and strength.


CAD/CAM technology avoids all imprecisions related to frame casting for the fabrication of fixed implant prosthesis. 

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