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Technology, precision and quality are the keys for successful implants

                Prevention, prophylaxis



Periodontal diseases have to be treated before implants.

In case of an advanced stage, removing remaining teeth and modifying the oral flora to suppress any infection might be necessary.


The major benefits of implants are solid support for your new teeth, restoring chewing functions and an optimal esthetics.


Excellent oral hygiene with specially designed brushes, such as an interdental brush that slides between teeth, can help clean the plaque around teeth, gums and abutments which is the key to the success for dental implants.


We schedule regular dental checkups to ensure the health of your implants.

Close collaboration between patient and dentist will contribute to the success of implants.

                Pre and post-op instructions



After surgery it is recommended to take medication and to apply an icepack on the outside of your face to reduce swelling.


Pain relievers should be taken before anesthesia is completely worn out.

Generally speaking discomfort is perfectly controlled.


After each meal your teeth should be cleaned.


Post-operative appointments are to be respected.


After an implant a yearly visit to the dentist is recommended in order to control the gums and occlusion (contact between teeth).

           Dental implants failure



In spite of a 98% success rate the majority of complications occur during the first month of healing. 

The cause is often the absence of bone integration because of interposition of connective tissue.

The implant becomes mobile and painful.

The implant should be removed and the hard tissue (bone) be cleaned.

In case of implant failure,  a new procedure can be conducted several months later.

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